Our new corporate identity – The dawn of a new era

Why has our look changed?

In short: because the company has changed. Meet Galapagos… reimagined: watch our short video to see how.

Following a year of transformation and change, we are turning the page and are entering a new and exciting chapter with a renewed focus on immunology and oncology, new leadership, and a redefined R&D strategy to foster innovation and to accelerate growth. As our company had evolved, we felt that our original brand had become outdated and no longer reflected the ‘new Galapagos’.

To that end, we have been working, together with a team of experts, to redefine and articulate our purpose and mission as a company. We created a new corporate identity that represents the new us and our commitment to growth and value creation for our patients, our people, and our shareholders.

Our new visual identity includes new colors, styles, typefaces, and imagery, and will help us to distinguish ourselves from others in our field and will clarify the unique value of what we offer to patients.

Marieke Vermeersch, Head of Corporate Communication, Galapagos, commented: “I am very grateful to the team and their hard work and dedication throughout the process. Their contributions have been invaluable in shaping our new brand identity, and I am proud of the teamwork and collaboration that went into making this possible. It is very encouraging that following the launch, we received very positive feedback from our colleagues and external stakeholders. So, we know that changing our corporate brand and image was a good decision.”

But ultimately, we are staying focused on the development of differentiated best-in-disease medicines with the potential to offer greatest value to patients. That is how we are #LivingInnovation, together.

Work with us

Feeling inspired? Want to work with us to add years of life and quality of life for patients around the world? Have a look at our job opportunities on www.workatgalapagos.com, and find your purpose!