Life at Galapagos

From redefining the future of immune-mediated and cancer treatment to a fresh cup of brew with your colleagues? It’s all in a day’s work at Galapagos. Discover how they found their purpose.

Driven by purpose


At Galapagos, we’re pioneering for patients. We make it happen, we raise the bar. That’s how we’re living innovation. It’s why our colleagues can say with conviction: #IFoundMyPurpose at Galapagos.


Whether you are looking for new frontiers in science to brighten the future of immunology…


… or you are giving it your all to redefine the future of cancer treatment.


Whether you’re helping colleagues to grow and succeed…


… or making the world a better place.


It’s all part of #PioneeringForPatients. That’s how we are #LivingInnovation.

Geert Van Gils

Head Global Commercial Strategy

I’m the tallest man of Galapagos, and probably the funniest too.

Meet Geert

Geert loves sports: swimming, running, cycling. Individually or combined in a triathlon, all good.

He doesn’t take himself too seriously but when it comes to our commercial strategy and operations, he’s not joking around.

👀 Discover what triggered Geert to join Galapagos, and find your purpose at Galapagos!

Els Heykants

Head Business Development Operations

I wanted to become a general practitioner as a child, but my teacher said I couldn’t as a woman.

Meet Els

Wait, what?! Luckily, Els didn’t let her former teacher discourage her to pursue a career in science. She’s worked in different roles at Galapagos.

In her current role, she’s on the lookout for opportunities to pioneer for patients as member of our Business Development team.

👀 Discover what inspired Els, our Head of Business Development Operations) to join Galapagos, and find your purpose today!


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