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Our mission is to accelerate transformational innovation to add years of life and quality of life for patients around the world. We leverage our expertise and cutting-edge research capabilities, to ensure a collaboration that’s not only successful but truly impactful.

Headshot of Philippe Alen, Head of Business Development at Galapagos

Philippe Alen

Head of Business Development

We believe in the power of partnerships to accelerate innovation and growth, and to bring transformational medicines to all patients around the world who need them to live longer and healthier lives.

Our unique innovation model brings to bear the best scientific, technological and biological capabilities inside and outside our company, while fostering strong partnerships with biotech and pharmaceutical companies, leading academic institutions and patient organizations.

We are looking for new licensing opportunities and partnerships to build our pipeline

  • Disease areas: immunology and oncology
  • Candidate medicines: late preclinical to mid-stage clinical assets
  • Validated disease targets

We are a trusted partner

  • Deep expertise in small molecules, biologics and CAR-T
  • Broad industry network
  • Strong balance sheet
  • Strategic partnership with Gilead
  • Highly experienced team

Pioneering for patients, together

Collaborate with us!

We are well connected to and work closely with academic organizations, universities and companies to accelerate development and boost innovation in discovery, preclinical, and clinical development.

If you believe your assets fit Galapagos’ strategy or like to learn more about our in-licensing or partnering efforts, please contact our Business Development team.

Contact David (Immunology) or Richard (Oncology)

David Amantini

External Innovation Leader, Immunology

Richard Janssen

External Innovation Leader, Oncology

Please note that any business development proposals that are submitted to Galapagos via email or via our website will be considered non-confidential. No information exchange may be deemed confidential without a signed confidentiality or disclosure agreement from Galapagos.

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