Our People

We are purpose-driven. We are committed to creating a Purpose-Driven Workplace for our People to deliver breakthrough innovations for patients.

Empowerment and Growth

Making it happen, together, as a team

Our entrepreneurial mindset combines collaborative and continuous learning approaches that enable our people to be empowered, have opportunities to learn and grow, feel recognized for their contributions, and perform to the best of their abilities and together as a team.

Diversity, equity and inclusion

Foster trust and belonging

We value – and measure – equity, transparency, diversity, and leadership quality to foster trust and belonging.

To monitor equity, we conduct annual equity checks as part of our promotion and end-of-year review processes. In addition, we strive for a balanced pipeline of future employees to maintain a healthy mix of talent at all levels of the organization.

As we actively seek to develop a diverse and inclusive workplace, we aim to define a roadmap to achieve our goal of being a more diverse, equitable and inclusive organization by 2028 and to embed these values in everything we do, including our commitment to patients and strengthening our initiative to ensure that our clinical trials are designed with diversity as a key factor.


Rewarding and recognizing, developing and retaining

We offer competitive and evolving remuneration packages to reward, recognize, develop, and retain our employees in a manner that is consistent with the company’s strategy and culture. Through a bi-annual performance cycle, we aim to ensure an open and supportive professional environment.

Performance bonuses and, for many employees, equity-related opportunities, help drive sustained performance and engagement, and reward employees for their contributions to our success. As part of the performance cycle, we also increased our investment in employee development and engagement by focusing on learning, coaching, and training opportunities.

In addition, we introduced “How Are You?” conversations to encourage open dialogue between managers and employees as well as departmental “Talent Talks” focused on development opportunities within and outside the departments.

Our Employee Benefits

The benefits we offer vary from country to country, based on local customs and statutory conditions. We have enhanced our employee benefits at both the international and country levels:

  • Increased pay-for-performance linkages in our year-end compensation review and related programs;
  • Broad-based annual equity-based awards to  further align the company with all our employees;
  • Implementation of additional family leave policies;
  • Enhancements to various local benefit offerings, ranging from improved time off to enhanced medical coverage;
  • Implementation of mobility programs to encourage environmentally friendly transportation behavior.

Health and Safety

A healthy and safe place to work

In accordance with our Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) policy, we provide safe and healthy working conditions with the goal of preventing any work-related personal harm. Our health and safety performance data for 2022 shows that we had no fatalities due to work-related injuries or illnesses, nor did we have any serious work-related injuries.


Our commitment

As a company, we firmly believe that we have to embrace new ways to move “Forward, Sustainably”.

Our stories

We are Galapagos

Discover how we are #LivingInnovation, in co-creation with our stakeholders