Forward, Faster

We focus on delivering best-in-disease medicines with transformational impact by accelerating life-changing science and innovation in the fields of immunology and oncology

In 2022, we unveiled a new strategy to accelerate growth and value creation by reshaping the way we innovate and operate. We focus our activities on immunology and oncology, and our strategy is based on 4 key principles: pioneering for patients, diversifying and accelerating our pipeline, partnering for greater impact and making it happen as a team.

Principle One

Pioneering for patients

At Galapagos, we know that patients in need are waiting. That is why we focus on therapeutic areas where we aim to make transformational impact happen faster: immunology and oncology.

We are pioneering for patients, with patients, with the aim to transform patient outcomes.

Principle Two

Diversifying and accelerating our pipeline

To maximize our success in developing and delivering best-in-class medicines, we work with multiple drug modalities and combinations and apply deep disease expertise with the aim to reduce risk.

Our portfolio includes discovery through to commercial programs, in multiple drug modalities in our strategic therapeutic areas of immunology and oncology.

Principle Three

Partnering for greater impact

Science is more complex than ever. To accelerate the development of best-in-disease medicines, our unique innovation model brings the best science, technology, and biological capabilities from inside and outside our company together.

We combine internal and external innovation and partner with academia, biopharma’s and patient organizations.

Principle Four

Making it happen, together, as a team

Teamwork is key to accelerate innovation. We are #PioneeringForPatients, together! 

Forward, sustainably

Caring for our future

Our Sustainability call to action for 2028, which we know as ‘Forward, Sustainably’, describes our ambition for patients, the healthcare community and system, our workforce, our planet. You’ll want to know more!


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