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Key Financials

Consolidated Key Figures

(thousands of €, if not stated otherwise)Three months ended 31 March 2024Three months ended 31 March 2023Year ended 31 December 2023
Income statement
Total net revenues62.43258.574239.724
Cost of sales(2.548)
R&D expenses(71.614)(52.559)(241.294)
S&M, G&A expenses(30.788)(27.051)(133.965)
Other operating income9.3876.83847.272
Operating loss(33.131)(14.198)(88.263)
Net financial results56.0662.81793.888
Net profit/loss (-) from continuing operations23.503(11.195)(3.988)
Net profit from discontinued operations, net of tax66.71734.402215.685
Net profit90.22023.207211.696
Income statement from discontinued operations
Product net sales11.21526.698112.339
Collaboration revenues26.04193.596431.465
Total net revenues37.256120.294543.804
Cost of sales(1.882)(3.572)(18.022)
R&D expenses(13.437)(50.963)(190.177)
S&M, G&A expenses(9.143)(31.053)(131.346)
Other operating income53.9301.46113.003
Operating profit66.72436.167217.262
Net financial results91(1.326)499
Net profit from discontinued operations, net of tax66.71734.402215.685
Balance sheet
Cash and cash equivalents73.372124.135166.803
Current financial investments3.484.5603.865.9153.517.698
R&D incentives receivables182.211150.416178.688
Shareholders’ equity2.895.0082.564.6042.795.566
Deferred income1.244.8961.839.9951.327.463
Other liabilities221.475227.573234.367
Operational cash burn (*)(125.211)(98.768)(414.824)
Cash flow used in operating activities(122.434)(94.868)(405.970)
Cash flow generated from/used in (-) investing activities29.665(288.669)71.186
Cash flow used in financing activities(1.168)(190)(5.001)
Decrease in cash and cash equivalents(93.937)(383.727)(339.785)
Effect of currency exchange rate fluctuation on cash and cash equivalents499(254)(1.522)
Cash and cash equivalents at the end of the period73.372124.135166.810
Cash and cash equivalents from continuing operations73.372124.135166.803
Cash and cash equivalents included in assets classified as held for sale7
Current financial investments at the end of the period3.484.5603.865.9153.517.698
Total current financial investments and cash and cash equivalents at the end of the period3.557.9323.990.0503.684.514
Number of shares issued at the end of the period65.897.07165.897.07165.897.071
Basic and diluted earnings per share1,370,353,21
Share price at the end of the period (in €)29,5835,3336,99

(*)The operational cash burn (or operational cash flow if this liquidity measure is positive) is equal to the increase or decrease in our cash and cash equivalents (excluding the effect of exchange rate differences on cash and cash equivalents), minus:

  • the net proceeds, if any, from share capital and share premium increases included in the net cash flows generated from/used in (-) financing activities
  • the net proceeds or cash used, if any, related to the acquisitions or disposals of businesses; the acquisition of financial assets held at fair value through profit or loss; the movement in restricted cash and movement in current financial investments, if any, the cash advances and loans given to third parties, if any, included in the net cash flows generated from/used in (-) investing activities
  • the cash used for other liabilities related to the acquisition of businesses, if any, included in the net cash flows generated from/used in (-) operating activities.

Financial Reports & Accounts

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Financial Calendar

Full year 2023 results22 February 2024Webcast 23 February 2024
Annual Report 202328 March 2024 
Annual shareholders’ meeting30 April 2024 
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Half-year 2024 results1 August 2024Webcast 2 August 2024
Third quarter 2024 results30 October 2024Webcast 31 October 2024

SEC Filings

SEC filings are the official documents we submit to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). They contain financial and non-financial information essential for regulatory compliance and transparency.