Trust and transparency

We are transparent. Doing business ethically is about being a responsible corporate citizen. The standards we apply and decisions that we make every day are thoughtful and considered, ensuring that we act in the best interest of patients, people, and the planet.

Ethical management

Measurable goals, clear standards

Doing business is also about building trust. We do this by setting measurable goals, communicating them clearly, and being open and transparent about our progress toward them – both where we are doing well and where we need to work harder.

We prioritize ethical management of our supply chain, vendors and partners. Just as we seek partners and suppliers who share our commitment to the planet, we ensure that they share our commitment to quality and ethical business practices.

We refined our third-party onboarding through an enhanced risk assessment framework and due diligence on quality, IT security, data protection and privacy, compliance and ethics, and environment.


Good practices and quality standards

We also continually evaluate our supply chain to ensure continuity and optimize costs, and we provide a consistent framework for partners and employees that provides clear and comprehensive guidance for ethical and transparent behavior across our business.

To ensure our products meet the highest quality standards, we work with qualified and certified (GMP-licensed) distributors that ensure that all processes related to receipt, storage, handling and final distribution to customers comply with the regulations. We regularly audit our GxP manufacturers and distributors.

We work to protect our people, patients, planet, and business by taking all reasonable steps to ensure that we all operate in compliance with applicable regulations, standards and laws.

Culture of integrity

Everyone is heard

We foster a culture of voice that encourages each of our employees to share ideas and which ensures that our employees feel protected if they believe something needs to be corrected.

We also foster a culture of integrity. Our employees, partners and suppliers value and take responsibility for upholding our standards.

Animal welfare

Refine, reduce and replace

We explicitly prohibit the neglect or cruelty of animals. We have also implemented practices that demonstrate our commitment and responsibility to refine, reduce and replace animal testing wherever possible, and we will continue to research, promote and implement alternative methods.

From a scientific perspective, it is not yet possible to study all the complex interactions that a potential treatment may have in a living organism without animal testing. In addition, the regulatory framework for drug development requires that new drugs be tested in animals to ensure their quality, safety and efficacy before they are approved.

However, we are committed to continuing to implement the 3Rs (Replacement, Reduction and Refinement) principles. Our Animal Welfare Committee supported more than 15 key 3R initiatives in 2022, including six new initiatives.

Our Animal Welfare Policy has been endorsed by the senior management team and is required by all of our suppliers for research and development. The assessment of animal welfare was also strengthened through several key actions, including the establishment of animal standards for internal and external animal laboratories, verification of the implementation of these practices, a detailed review and update of the animal welfare quality management system, and the establishment of a process to monitor animal welfare incidents and their resolution.


The value of collaboration

As a science-driven biotech company, we have always worked closely with a variety of stakeholders in the scientific and healthcare sector. These relationships and partnerships are invaluable to Galapagos.

We are proud of our collaborative spirit and will continue to be transparent with our stakeholders about our research and business practices. We believe that transparency is essential to strengthen the foundation for future collaboration.

We are diversifying and accelerating our pipeline

We focus on delivering best-in-class medicines with transformational impact for patients by accelerating life-changing science and innovation in the fields of immunology and oncology.


Pioneering for patients

We embrace innovation – not as a buzzword – but as a key enabler for our purpose.


Forward, Sustainably!

We know that acting as a responsible and sustainable business is key to our success as we continue to focus on the needs of patients who trust and depend on us.

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