Redefining the Future of Cancer Treatment

We are united around our mission to redefine the future of cancer treatment. Our goal is to help people facing cancer live longer, better lives. Our hope is fueled by the dream of a future free from cancer.

Unlocking hope

Addressing the unmet medical needs of cancer patients

Today, our oncology researchers passionately strive to turn cancers into manageable chronic conditions or even curable diseases.

Tomorrow, our hope is fueled by the dream of a future free from cancer. We are determined to shift the treatment paradigm of cancer.

The urgency for effective, broadly accessible treatment options and novel therapies is paramount, as the outlook for patients is often grim, with survival measured in months rather than years. That’s what fuels our ambition to redefine the future of cancer treatment.


Speed is critical for cancer patients who cannot afford to wait to receive treatment


Urgent need for effective, broadly accessible treatment options and novel therapies is paramount

For greater patient impact across the globe

Building on differentiated platform technologies

Cell therapy

We have an innovative, scalable decentralized manufacturing platform, close to patients, to deliver fresh, fit cells

Small molecules

We are complementing our end-to-end R&D experience in small molecules with platform innovation


We have a unique engine to discover and develop armed, multi-targeting T cells for heme-onc and solid tumors

Our focus in oncology

Our current work is focused on the following hematological cancers for patients in need of additional and improved treatment options:

Shifting the paradigm

Cell therapy

In 2022, we entered the field of cell therapy and antibody-therapy research and development through the acquisitions of CellPoint (in the Netherlands) and Abound Bio (in the U.S). The transactions provide us with end-to-end capabilities in cell therapy development and offer the potential for a paradigm shift in the space through the implementation of a breakthrough, decentralized manufacturing model and cutting-edge fully human antibody-based capabilities to design next-generation cell therapies.

Did you know?

~ 70%* of eligible patients do not receive CAR-T due to:

Limited capacity

Complex logistics

Restricted access

*Evidence-Based Oncology, October 2023, Volume 29, Issue 8

Personalized, decentralized

Our innovative approach to T-cell manufacturing near the point of care

To address these challenges, we are implementing a differentiated, decentralized T-cell manufacturing platform that has the potential to deliver fresh, fit cells with a seven day vein-to-vein time, enabling greater physician control and a significantly improved patient experience.

This innovative platform consists of an end-to-end xCellit® workflow management and monitoring software system, a decentralized, functionally closed, automated cell therapy manufacturing platform (using Lonza’s Cocoon®) and a proprietary quality control testing and release strategy.

Cell therapy in 7 days vein-to-vein

*GMP production at a compliant manufacturing facility located at the clinic premises or in close proximity to the clinic; The Cocoon® Platform is a registered trademark of Lonza Group AG

How Galapagos’ decentralized, innovative T-cell manufacturing platform could move the needle for cancer patients

Galapagos is committed to decentralized manufacturing of personalized cell therapies near the patient. Our ambition is to reduce the manufacturing turnaround time significantly from months or weeks to days, ensuring that patients can receive their therapy in a timely manner. Learn how in the video.

Decentralized manufacturing, close to patients

Our approach is based on a decentralized, functionally closed, automated manufacturing platform for cell therapies (using Lonza’s Cocoon® Platform). Discover more about it!


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We strive to accelerate innovation of transformational medicines that deliver more years of life and quality of life for patients and families living with cancer.


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