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At Galapagos, we are united around a single purpose: to transform patient outcomes through life-changing science and innovation for more years of life and quality of life

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Focusing on high unmet medical needs, we synergize the most compelling science, technology, and collaborative approaches to create a deep pipeline of best-in-class small molecules, CAR-T therapies, and biologics in oncology and immunology. With capabilities from lab to patient, including a decentralized T-cell manufacturing network, we are committed to challenging the status quo and delivering results for our patients, employees and shareholders.

Accelerating transformational innovation

Our mission is to accelerate transformational innovation through the relentless pursuit of groundbreaking science, our entrepreneurial spirit and a collaborative mindset. In 2022, we entered the field of oncology, CAR-T, and biologicals and development with the acquisitions of CellPoint and AboundBio. These transactions have provided us with end-to-end CAR-T development capabilities, with the potential to change the paradigm in the field by implementing a groundbreaking decentralized T-cell manufacturing platform and state-of-the-art fully human antibody-based capabilities for the development of next-generation CAR-Ts and biologics.

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We’re all different, yet we’re all united around a single purpose. Our ambition is to apply groundbreaking science and accelerate innovation in immunology and oncology to transform the lives of patients globally and give them what matters most: more time with family and friends. More joy. Longer, healthier, better-quality lives.

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We focus on delivering best-in-class medicines with transformational impact for patients by accelerating life-changing science and innovation in the fields of immunology and oncology.

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