As a company, we firmly believe that we have to embrace new ways to move “Forward, Sustainably”. We know that acting as a responsible and sustainable business is key to our success as we continue to focus on the needs of patients who trust and depend on us.

Our commitment

Forward, Sustainably

It’s about being ethical and innovative in everything we do, from research and development, to workplace, culture, and leadership.


We are engaged

We are committed to developing transformational medicines For Patients, With Patients and the healthcare community.

Our people

We are driven by purpose

We are committed to creating a Purpose-Driven Workplace for our People to deliver breakthrough innovations for patients.


We are conscientious

We are committed to the Health of Our Planet. Its health and the health of people are interconnected.

Trust and Transparency

We are transparent

We are committed to Trust & Transparency. Doing business ethically is about being a responsible corporate citizen.

Corporate Governance

Our commitment to Corporate Governance

We believe in transparency, accountability, and ethical leadership. To learn more about our corporate governance principles, our Board of Directors, and our dedication to sustainability and social responsibility, we invite you to explore our Corporate Governance Page.

We are diversifying and accelerating our pipeline

We focus on delivering best-in-class medicines with transformational impact for patients by accelerating life-changing science and innovation in the fields of immunology and oncology.

Responsible business