Innovation areas

We aim to address patient needs through transformational innovation. We bring together the best science, technology and next-generation biological capabilities from inside and outside our company.

Learn more about our approach in cell therapy, small molecules and biologicals.

For greater patient impact across the globe

Building on differentiated platform technologies

Cell therapy

We have an innovative, scalable decentralized manufacturing platform, close to patients, to deliver fresh, fit cells

Small molecules

We are complementing our end-to-end R&D experience in small molecules with platform innovation


We have a unique engine to discover and develop armed, multi-targeting T cells for heme-onc and solid tumors

John Mellors

Head of Cell and Antibody Therapy Discovery

We focus on paradigm-shifting science and biological capabilities such as multi-targeting CAR-Ts, antibodies and fully-human antibody engineering.


Diversifying and accelerating our pipeline

We focus on delivering best-in-class medicines with transformational impact for patients by accelerating life-changing science and innovation in the fields of immunology and oncology.

Disease areas

Pioneering for patients

We know that patients in need are waiting. That is why we focus on therapeutic areas where we aim to make transformational impact happen faster, including oncology and immunology.

Our stories

More about our company, science and people

We curate a series of inspiring stories about how we are #LivingInnovation at Galapagos


Work with us!

We are adding new capabilities, technologies and product candidates through internal and external innovation. Let’s start #PioneeringForPatients, together!

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