Reflecting on EHA 2024 with Omotayo Fasan: A Recap from Madrid

By Galapagos

The European Hematology Association (EHA) Congress 2024 was held in the vibrant city of Madrid from 13 to 16 June. The city – known for its rich history and cultural heritage – was the perfect backdrop for Galapagos to showcase its latest research and advancements in hematology.

Omotayo Fasan, VP Development Medical Director Hematology, and a key member of the Galapagos team at the congress, shared his insights and experiences from EHA 2024 with us.

Omotayo Fasan, VP Development Medical Director Hematology at Galapagos

Galapagos (G): Omotayo, how was the experience at EHA 2024 in Madrid?
Omotayo Fasan (OF): EHA 2024 was an incredible experience. Being in Madrid, together with my talented colleagues, was great. It’s a special kind of connection you build by attending such congresses together.

At the congress itself, it was amazing to connect with the team and peers from around the world who are dedicated to advancing hematology. It always gives me an energy boost, barring the fact that I was pretty tired when I got home… (laughs)

G: What were the highlights for Galapagos at this year’s congress?
OF: We were delighted to present promising new data for GLPG5101* at the congress. One of the standout moments was the oral presentation of our new phase 1/2 Atalanta-1 study results for GLPG5101 by Professor Marie José Kersten (Professor of Hematology and Head of the Department of Hematology at the Amsterdam University Medical Center). Her insights into the study of relapsed/refractory non-Hodgkin lymphoma were well-received, and it was gratifying to see the interest and positive feedback from the audience.

Additionally, the presented data confirmed the feasibility of our innovative decentralized T-cell manufacturing platform in delivering fresh, fit cells with a median vein-to-vein time of just seven days.

It was great to see how our platform generated a lot of buzz at our booth, where we had the opportunity to engage directly with our stakeholders directly, and showcase our research and innovations. Many people visited our booth to learn more, and it was a pleasure to discuss our work and future plans with them.

Galapagos’ decentralized, innovative T-cell manufacturing platform has the potential for the administration of fresh, fit cells within a median vein-to-vein time of seven days. The Cocoon® Platform is a registered trademark of Lonza Group AG. Picture courtesy of Lonza.

G: What makes EHA such an important event for Galapagos?
OF: EHA is a critical event for us because it brings together leading experts in hematology from around the globe. It provides a platform to share our latest research, collaborate with other innovators, and stay updated on the newest developments in the field. Being part of this congress helps us to continually improve and innovate, ultimately aiming to bring better treatments to patients.

G: Any final thoughts on EHA 2024?
OF: EHA 2024 was a remarkable event that reinforced our commitment to advancing research for patients. The connections made, the knowledge shared, and the enthusiasm seen at the congress were truly inspiring. We are excited to take the insights gained here back to our labs and continue our work towards developing new therapies.

Me and my colleagues are proud to have been a part of EHA 2024 and look forward to the next steps in our hematology research and treatment developments. I would say: stay tuned for more updates on our journey and innovations!

The Galapagos Make-It-Happeners at EHA 2024


*GLPG5101 is a second generation anti-CD19/4-1BB CAR-T product candidate, administered as a single fixed intravenous dose. The safety, efficacy and feasibility of point-of-care manufactured GLPG5101 are currently being evaluated in the ATALANTA-1 study in patients with relapsed/refractory non-Hodgkin lymphoma (rrNHL)

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