Director Shareholding

Galapagos NV (“the Company”)
11 December 2007
Pursuant to Rule 17 of the AiM rules for companies, Galapagos discloses that Onno van de Stolpe, a member of the Executive Committee and Board of Directors, notified the Company on 11 September 2007 that he irrevocably undertook to exercise warrants offered to him on 23 December 1999 for a total of 26,159 Galapagos shares; the  exercise was to occur during the window opening in the second half of November 2007, the final window of opportunity to exercise these warrants prior to their expiration.  On 10 December 2007 the notary deed in connection with the exercise of warrants by Mr van de Stolpe and other warrant holders was executed.  Mr Van de Stolpe exercised these warrants at a price of €4.00 per share.  As a result of the warrant exercise on 10 December 2007, Mr Van de Stolpe’s total interest in the share capital of the Company increased from 21,000 shares (representing 0.10% of the share capital) to 47,159 shares (representing 0.22% of the share capital).
With the notary deed of 10 December 2007, exercises of various warrant plans resulted in the issuance of 32,032 new Galapagos shares and a total capital increase of €131,615.15.
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Galapagos NV
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