Galapagos' Sustainability strategy recognized for its focus on Patient Engagement

We are pleased to announce that Galapagos has been recognized for its innovative approach to Sustainability by Patient Focused Medicines Development (PFMD), a non-profit, multinational alliance of patients, patient advocacy groups, and the pharmaceutical industry dedicated to making systematic patient engagement a reality.

Our colleagues, and members of the Patients Pillar Sustainability Workstream,  Marc Van Meldert, Marina Sardone and Heidi Müller recently conducted an in-depth interview with PFMD. Their conversation explored how patient engagement plays a critical role in our Sustainability strategy, and the practical importance of measuring impact for future progress.

The article describes how Galapagos has integrated Patient Engagement into its 2023-2028 Sustainability framework, resulting in a significant shift in approach toward true co-creation with patients. This integration not only improves the patient experience but also advances medical solutions while aligning business practices with societal well-being —a remarkable achievement given the emerging intersection of Patient Engagement and Sustainability.

The key points highlighted in the article include:

  • Incorporating Patient Engagement: Galapagos strategically included Patient Engagement in its Sustainability strategy, fostering belief and support throughout the organization.
  • Patient Partnership Charter: Collaborative efforts resulted in the development of our Patient Partnership Charter, outlining Galapagos’ commitment to involving patients to better understand their perspective, and incorporate it in our ways of working.
  • Patient Engagement Council: Galapagos has set-up a Patient Engagement Council, acting as an advisory board for meaningful interactions between the company and the patient community, including patient organizations and patient experts.
  • Measuring impact: The challenge of quantifying the impact of Patient Engagement led us to explore industry standards and tools such as the PFMD Metrics Selector.
  • Future progress: Galapagos envisions ongoing integration of Patient Engagement in each step of the drug life cycle, including regular patient consultations to drive innovative solutions.

Want to know more? Read the article here!

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