Collaborating to change lives – Galapagos presents its PACTE* program

At Galapagos, we are driven by personal stories. We listen to patients and partner with them and patient organizations to understand their daily challenges. In order to achieve positive changes in their lives, it is essential that we gather real-life experiences to guide the development of our medicines. It is these personal stories that motivate us to do more and better. PACTE aims to facilitate exchanges between our R&D team and patients.

Written by Patrick Papazian

We are delighted to present PACTE, a unique exchange programme between patients suffering from chronic inflammatory diseases and researchers from the Galapagos Research and Development Centre of Excellence in Romainville.

We organized the first PACTE day in March, a day of lively interactions between patients from the AFPric Association** and Galapagos researchers in Romainville. We will organize 3 similar days later this year in Romainville, with the next one coming up soon.

Interested in learning more? Watch the video report of the day and discover what patients and researchers think about this type of discussions and interactions.

*PACTE: Patients, Associations and Researchers: A time for exchange
** French Association of Polyarthritics and Chronic Inflammatory Rheumatism

About Patrick Papazian

As Director of Patient Advocacy and Innovation at Galapagos France, Patrick is passionate about innovation for patients. He is equally dedicated to community and social service.