Catalyzing innovation through collaboration: How we can pioneer for patients together

Why should you be working with an international biotech company like Galapagos? Because we want to collaborate with you to make a difference on a global scale. So, if you’re looking for an innovative and science-driven partner, and want to learn from our experience, please do read on.

Written by Richard Janssen

Driving change together
At Galapagos, we pioneer for patients. No better example than the activities of the Search and Evaluation (SEAL) team. Am I biased as the team’s leader? Maybe ever so slightly. But this pioneering spirit is truly engrained in our work.

Twenty-two years after its founding, Galapagos is a fully integrated biotech with European roots and a global reach. We’ve focused on delivering breakthrough science and have learnt a great deal on the way. Today, we’re looking for the next rising star with exciting science to drive change together: a breakthrough technology platform, a novel target, or a promising medicine candidate up to Phase 2. We let the science and biology lead and we dare to make bold choices.

Into the unknown, towards shared success
If there is one thing we have learnt, it’s that finding the right fit is essential: can you complement our technologies and drug innovations within our therapeutic areas such as inflammation, fibrosis, and kidney disease? Can you bring competences we don’t have yet? And most importantly, do you share our drive and passion to make a difference for patients?

We set the bar high for ourselves and we expect you do too. At Galapagos, our aim is to find novel targets and develop breakthrough medicines for patients that rely on us to do so. We’ll work with you to assess the fit of potential assets and we will collaborate with you to maximize your potential. This is just one of the reasons you might want to work with us.

If you chose to work with Galapagos, you will be working with a partner that understands, values and respects innovation. It’s what got us started, it’s what drives us today. Of course, a collaboration is a little like stepping into the unknown. But we have learnt a great deal on our journey to where we are now, and we are keen to help other pioneering scientists fulfill their ambition. This might bring us to areas where we have not gone before, but surely that’s the most exciting part of the journey.

Joining the Galapagos ecosystem
Does all the above sound exciting? Keen to join our research ecosystem? You’ll be following other fantastic scientists who’ve decided to work with us and learn from us in recent years. In 2020, we started eight new collaborations ranging from new technology platforms to a molecule with a new mode of action in IPF.

Our most recent collaboration is with Prof. Manuel Serrano of the IRB (Institute for Research in Biomedicine) in Barcelona. He and his team are leaders in the field of senescence, the process of biological ageing.

Together, we will identify novel targets that control this process and, we hope it will be a potential starting point for a new drug discovery pipeline in the fields of inflammation, fibrosis, and kidney disease. You can read more in IRB’s press release.

Connect with us
We believe in science, we are tenacious, and we draw strength from collaboration. So, we’d like to extend a hand to all those wanting to make a difference for patients and the life sciences sector. Do you have R&D programs – great or small, early or late – that needs a catalyzing partner? Get in touch through via More information is available on

About Richard Janssen (VP Search & Evaluation at Galapagos)
Pioneering for patients has always resonated with me personally. As an academic, I had the privilege of working at several top institutions in the Netherlands and in the USA, searching for new ways to look at diseases and unlocking solutions for treatment. I then moved to biotech to take this science a step further. Since joining Galapagos 16 years ago, I’ve had the opportunity to learn something new every day in roles ranging from leading the CRO unit of BioFocus in Leiden to Research Site Head and, today, I am heading the Search & Evaluation team, pursuing scientific excellence and looking to collaborate with leaders in the field on cutting-edge research. Such collaborations can be the starting point of delivering much needed treatments to patients. This is our driving force, and one of the reasons why I love working at Galapagos. Pleased to meet you!