Galapagos Genomics To LaunchFull Length Human Gene Adenoviral Expression Library

Leiden, The Netherlands, May 13, 2003.  Galapagos Genomics, the Netherlands/Belgian functional genomics company, today announced the launch of their human full-length gene adenoviral expression library under the name FLeXSelect(TM).  FLeXSelect has been jointly developed with Incyte Corporation and contains over 1,200 fully sequence verified, mainly drugable, human genes, many of whose functions are unknown.  The arrayed adenoviral library is ideal for gene function discovery and validation in in-vitro and in-vivo assays of disease phenotypes.  Galapagos is responsible for marketing and sales of FLeXSelect worldwide, offering access either through a success based, risk-sharing program or on a pure fee for service basis.
“We are happy that Incyte has made this valuable collection of largely un-annotated human genes available to the research community.  We are convinced that in combination with Galapagos’ proven adenoviral expression technology it will not be long before a substantial set of the genes in FLeXSelect will be functionally annotated”, said Onno van de Stolpe, CEO of Galapagos.  “In combination with phenotypic assays based on disease relevant models, finding those genes that can modulate the disease phenotype has never been easier.”
“We are pleased to collaborate with Galapagos Genomics in exploiting our extensive collection of full-length genes,” said Robert Stein, MD, PhD, President and CSO of Incyte. “The technology platform that Galapagos has developed is extremely useful in delineating the functions of novel genes and assisting in the exploration of targets for drug discovery.”
Galapagos Genomics is a privately held company headquartered in Mechelen, Belgium.  The Company has built a functional genomics platform using arrayed adenoviruses containing human genes.   Its PhenoSelect libraries are in a format that enables high-throughput screening using cellular assays.  Galapagos is using its technology platform for the discovery and validation of proprietary drug targets and for partnering with biotech and pharma.  Its proprietary research programs focus on Alzheimer, bone diseases and psoriasis.  The Company currently employs 92 people, including 23 PhD’s, and occupies a 15,000 sq.f. research and production facility in Mechelen, with additional research laboratories in Leiden, The Netherlands.  In addition to Incyte, Galapagos’ current partners include Bayer, Degussa, Euroscreen, Exelixis, J&J, Organon, Pharmacia, Vertex and UCB.  The shareholders are Abingworth Management, Apax Partners, Burrill & Company, NIB Capital Private Equity, Crucell Holland BV (Nasdaq, Euronext: CRXL) and Tibotec-Virco NV.  Galapagos’ web address is
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