Galapagos Genomics and Euroscreen enter into a Collaboration on G-Protein Coupled Receptors

Under the terms of the agreement, Galapagos will supply Euroscreen with an arrayed collection of secreted proteins and peptides (“peptide library”) from human cells infected with the Galapagos PhenoSelect library that includes tens of thousands of human genes. Euroscreen will screen the peptide library in cellular assays for ligands that activate orphan GPCRs. The approach is unique in that ligands identified in the screen can be immediately traced back to the corresponding gene in the PhenoSelect library, significantly facilitating the further characterization of the ligand. The companies plan to out license the validated ligands to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies for drug discovery programs.

“GPCRs mediate about 90% of the signal transduction through the cell membrane and are therefore very attractive drug targets for the pharmaceutical industry. Today, GPCRs are the target for about one third of the leading 100 pharmaceutical products, including such drugs as Claritin, Cozaar, Imitrex, Prozac and Zantac. We are convinced that by combining Galapagos’ PhenoSelect library with Euroscreen’s GPCR expertise and scientific research we can identify and characterize the natural ligands for a number of orphan GPCRs, and build a strong patent position on these drug targets,” commented Euroscreen’s new VP of R&D, Dr. Richard White.

“Our PhenoSelect expression library is well suited to produce large numbers of secreted proteins and peptides that are potential ligands of orphan GPCRs. Due to our arrayed approach, we will be able to rapidly identify and characterize any ligand of an orphan receptor discovered,” said Onno van de Stolpe, Chief Executive Officer of Galapagos. “We are excited to collaborate with one of the most renowned GPCR-focused companies in the industry and we are convinced that this collaboration will allow us to validate GPCRs ahead of the competition.”

Galapagos Genomics is a privately held company headquartered in Mechelen, Belgium. The Company was established in 1999 as a joint venture between Crucell NV (Nasdaq: CRXL; Leiden, The Netherlands), and Tibotec-Virco NV (Mechelen, Belgium). The Company has built a functional genomics platform using arrayed adenoviruses containing human genes to identify drug targets and therapeutic genes. Galapagos technology is based on the patented PER.C6TM human cell line expression platform. Galapagos has an exclusive license to use PER.C6 for functional genomics applications. It’s PhenoSelect libraries are in a format that enable high-throughput screening using cellular assays. The Company currently employs 70 people, including 18 PhD’s, and occupies a 15,000 sq.f. research and production facility in Mechelen, with additional research laboratories in Leiden, The Netherlands. Galapagos’ current partners include Pharmacia, Bayer, Vertex Pharmaceuticals, Incyte Genomics, Procter&Gamble Pharmaceuticals, UCB Pharma, Organon (Akzo Nobel), Isotis, VIB and the Netherlands Cancer Institute. More information about Galapagos’ products and services can be found at

Eursocreen is a world class G protein-coupled receptor (GPCR) research and HTS products company with patented AequoScreen cellular assay technology to provide new, innovative solutions to GPCR discovery. The company has several important drug targets and patent applications such as our pivotal patent applications covering the use of CCR5 for HIV applications. Euroscreen has corporate partnerships with Syngenta, Solvay, Merck & Co, Nanosyn and UCB as well as licensing agreements with the Brussels University, the University of Georgia Research Foundation, the University of Toronto and the University of Virgina Patent Foundation. More information about Euroscreen’s products and services can be found at

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