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Galapagos has been listed on Euronext Brussels and Euronext Amsterdam since 2005 and on the NASDAQ since 2015 with the same symbol for both exchanges: GLPG. On Euronext, price forming takes place in a single order book in Amsterdam. The Bloomberg ticker for Galapagos is GLPG:NA and GLPG:US, and the Reuters ticker is GLPG-AE and GLPG-US.

Historically, Galapagos had operations in Belgium and the Netherlands, and was successful in accessing investor funding for growth of the company with this listing. Trading on Euronext accounts for a significant share of all trading volume of GLPG today.

Galapagos falls under authority of both the Belgian FSMA and the Dutch AFM. Short positions are reported to the AFM.

You can find stock price info here.

No, Galapagos does not have a direct stock purchase program. Please ask your financial advisor how to buy shares.

A: Galapagos’ ordinary shares and ADSs are publicly traded and can be purchased through a securities broker or bank.

If you believe you have bearer shares or stock certificates and you need assistance, please contact the IR team at ir@glpg.com.

Subsequent fiscal years begin on January 1 and conclude on December 31.

A: Galapagos has a mix of private and institutional investors, primarily in Europe and the US. More information about our major shareholders can be found here.

The financial service for Galapagos shares is provided by KBC Securities, Havenlaan 12, 1080 Brussels, Belgium, free of charges to the shareholder. The Depositary Bank for Galapagos’ level 3 ADR facility in the United States is Citi.

Deloitte Bedrijfsrevisoren, based in Diegem, Belgium

Galapagos has never declared or paid any dividends on its shares and does not expect to declare dividends in the near future. Any longer term determination to declare dividends will depend on the Galapagos’ earnings, operational and financial condition, capital requirements, including for growth and acquisitions, and other factors deemed relevant by the board of directors and the shareholders. Furthermore, Galapagos’ general reserve must be sufficient for any dividend payment. There can be no assurance that Galapagos will generate sufficient earnings to allow it to pay dividends. If Galapagos does generate sufficient earnings, the shareholders meeting may elect to reinvest instead of paying dividends.

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