Community Guidelines for LinkedIn

Thank you for your interest in Galapagos and for visiting our global LinkedIn page! We created a space where we could share regular updates directly with you about our company and its activities. We also wantyou to be able to start a conversation with us, as well as having a channel where we could voice our ambitions, interests and views. That is why we have created our Galapagos LinkedIn channel.

As a biotech company aiming to bring innovative treatments to patients, health and wellbeing is at the heart of what we do. Therefore, it is our responsibility to ensure that our communication meets all applicable ethical, legal and regulatory standards. To help you understand how we use our LinkedIn account, we have created the following guidelines.


We share updates and news about Galapagos on our LinkedIn page and invite you to share your views with us and the LinkedIn community. However, below are reasons why we might:

  • Need to report your interaction with us on LinkedIn (because we believe it is violating our community guidelines and / or LinkedIn’s rules and policies)
  • Delete your comment because we believe it is violating our community guidelines and / or LinkedIn’s rules and policies)
  • Be unable to respond to you (for example when we cannot answer due to certain regulations)

Your comment references pharmaceutical products.

In order to follow the regulations that govern our industry, we need to ensure that any comment(s) (positive or negative) referencing pharmaceutical brands from any company (including our own) is/ are removed. Galapagos does not view LinkedIn as a forum for product inquiries. For medical information inquiries regarding Galapagos products, please contact

Your comment references adverse events.

It is our responsibility to monitor the effects of our products after they have been licensed for use too, especially in order to identify and evaluate potential adverse events. If your comment(s) mention(s) adverse events linked to a Galapagos product, our social media team will report this within 24 hours to our Pharmacovigilance team for processing. Note that they might reach out to you to obtain more information. If you want to report an adverse event, we kindly ask you to send the relevant information to the Global Patient Safety team of our partner Gilead Sciences:

Your comment contains offensiveness.

Should you reply to, or “@ mention” Galapagos, please ensure your posts do not contain foul language or topics that do not relate directly to Galapagos or the communities it serves. At Galapagos, we have a zero-tolerance policy towards inappropriate content, including vulgar language, personal attacks of any kind or offensive terms aimed at ethnic, racial, religious, age or gender orientation groups. We ask everyone to respect one another and to treat each other with dignity.

Your comment includes medical advice.

We appreciate everyone’s comments, however, we cannot allow unverified medical advice, which could have serious implications. We recommend contacting your healthcare professional for all your medical questions or concerns. For medical information inquiries regarding Galapagos products, please contact

Your comment(s) include(s) confidential information.

If you have access to confidential information from Galapagos or a third party, we ask you to refrain from sharing this information publicly.

Should we delete or report your comment(s) and the reason is not mentioned above, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to discuss the case with you. We will ensure that the above list stays updated. We thank everyone in advance for their cooperation.


  • The content we share via our LinkedIn account is provided for informational purposes only.
  • Our linking to, or following a non-Galapagos website or social media account is not an endorsement by Galapagos of the account owners or their products and/or services. We only endorse our own content.
  • Any content, views, opinions, mentions and/or replies uploaded or expressed by any person other than Galapagos are solely the views, opinions and responsibility of the person uploading or expressing them and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Galapagos. Galapagos is not responsible for content that third parties transmit via LinkedIn.
  • Galapagos reserves all rights relating to the Galapagos LinkedIn account and may in its sole discretion add, remove or modify any content or material posted on the account, discontinue the account, accept or reject those who may wish to follow the account and respond to any questions or comments addressed to the account.
  • The Galapagos logo and images are trademarks of Galapagos and Galapagos owns all rights therein.
  • Any information expressed by Galapagos is subject to the risk factors and information on forward-looking statements contained in its filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission and available at All statements made speak only as of the date thereof, and Galapagos makes no commitment to update or publicly release any revisions to forward-looking statements.


  • If you share personal information on this channel, Galapagos will use this information in accordance with the Belgian, European, and other relevant privacy laws and regulations. For more information on why we use your data and on your rights regarding your data, please consult our Privacy Statement.
  • Please note that LinkedIn also has access to the personal information you share on this channel. Galapagos is not affiliated with or other LinkedIn sites. Galapagos is not responsible for the security, privacy or other policies or practices on LinkedIn or on any of the third-party websites that Galapagos may link to or reference through LinkedIn. You should carefully review the security, privacy and other policies and practices of LinkedIn and linked or referenced third-party websites.