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Report an Adverse Event

All medicines have side effects. The majority of these are identified at the clinical investigation stages and can be found in the package leaflet of a medicine. Despite the extensive clinical research and multiple reviewing stages, not all side effects are always discovered. Unknown side effects can occur when a medicine is used more often, over a longer period of time and by a large patient population. In the healthcare industry, we call these ‘adverse events’.

Reporting any adverse events - even if they may not be related to the use of a medicine – is of vital importance for all patients’ safety. These reports help the manufacturer of a medicine to understand the cause of such effects and respond efficiently where necessary.

Galapagos – together with its partner Gilead - consistently collates and reviews product safety information received from clinical trials and post-marketing activities. The information received is evaluated on an ongoing basis ensuring a continuing safety surveillance of our products.

If you experienced or became aware of an adverse event related to Jyseleca®, please report these as soon as possible by mailing our partner Gilead Sciences using You will receive an automated mail confirming your entry.

Important Note: Patients should always ask their physician for medical advice as soon as possible when confronted with adverse events.


Report an Adverse Event


Medical inquiries

Contact us by mail:
For medical information inquiries regarding Galapagos products, please contact

Product quality complaint

If you wish to report a product quality complaint related to our medicinal product, please dial the free EU number 00800 7878 1345.

How we handle your reports and requests

We are committed to answering your queries as soon as possible. Galapagos will use the information you provide in accordance with the Belgian, European, and other relevant privacy laws and regulations. For more information on why we use your data and on your rights regarding your data, please consult our Privacy Statement.

Note that we might not be able to answer certain questions due to codes of conduct and regulations. In any case, we advise you to always contact your treating physician and / or pharmacist for questions or concerns about your health and treatment.

After reaching out, you might be contacted by the Global Patient Safety team of our partner Gilead Science, even though you contacted Galapagos initially. They will reach out using an official Gilead mail address ending in