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We have a robust pipeline of new molecules with distinct modes of action which are at different stages in clinical development.

GLPG4716 (formerly OATD-01, in-licensed from OncoArendi) is a novel, small molecule CHIT1/AMCase inhibitor targeting a key pathway in tissue remodeling. It has shown compelling translational data, a favorable profile in animal studies at expected therapeutic doses and it has successfully completed Phase 1 studies in healthy volunteers. Galapagos aims to bring GLPG4716 to a Phase 2 clinical trial for the treatment of IPF and possibly other diseases with a fibrotic component.

Lung diseases like IPF are associated with an increased chitinase activity, which strongly correlates with disease stage, progression and prognosis. Chitinases (predominantly CHIT1) are involved in macrophage activation. Inhibition of chitinase activity translates into a potential therapeutic benefit, as shown in a range of preclinical models. GLPG4716 has shown robust anti-fibrotic activity in multiple animal models, when compared with the standard of care.

Ziritaxestat (GLPG1690)
Ziritaxestat is an oral, once daily autotaxin inhibitor, which we were investigating in IPF in collaboration with Gilead.

Following recommendations from the Independent Data Monitoring Committee (IDMC) in February 2021, we announced the discontinuation of the ziritaxestat research program, including the ISABELA Phase 3 trials.


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